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Angry face

2009-03-31 11:48:36 by enduserstudios

Sup everyone.... PENIS!!!

Well, I have been back from Korea for a long time now. I am going to school at WVU and all was swell but than my girl left me so now I am all sad and stuff...

I wish I could go back and fix things but hey whatever time keeps on moving and so do I.

Any lovely Korean girls out there that need a friend? Just send me a Chat and I will get back to ya!

Party on everyone. Even though no one reads this...

Far, Far, Away

2008-07-18 07:30:07 by enduserstudios

I am in South Korea right now!!!!! It is pretty much the shit. Food is cheap, people are nice, and Starcraft is every where!!! Word. I am so busy seeing everything so I have not done shit but oh, well...


Well, Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike: Source, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Day of Defeat, and even Starcraft.

I play Video games and therefor no art for you or me... I have fun doing it so I don't see why I should stop. PM for any info about me on any of those games and I will more than likely play with you or something. The order is important....

I spend most of my browsing time looking at Web comics, Newgrounds, and checking my email.

--------Web Comics I read-------------- .php

I will more than likely try to make my first kinda work appearance in a new Madness Collab. Coming out this summer sometime.

I might even start a new project soon... I need help with action script so any free web sites you guys and gals might know would be very helpful.

Well ta-ta for now!


2008-03-18 22:07:38 by enduserstudios

Well I am starting to play EVE online so I am getting even slower. Sorry all.

Join me in team Speak sometime. Just PM me for the details!

School and Games

2008-02-23 11:43:40 by enduserstudios

Well, I have started to play World of Warcraft again.... So nothing coming anytime soon. I will keep you all posted if anyone even looks at this page. :(

I am currently playing on the server Gorefiend. As an Alliance Draenei Priest. Sorry to my Horde friends. I do have other characters and I might switch to another server if you are cool enough.

Ta-ta for now!

Thanksgiving! Whoo!

2007-11-12 14:31:23 by enduserstudios

Whoo, Thanksgiving week is coming up and that means maybe an animation for you!! I know it must be hard to take in that I "might" be posting my first ever soon but relax it will come soon enough.

Oh, I have been playing way to much Garry's Mod on one server in particular.

Lost Worlds

W007! Check it out if you are considering playing!